Spacebomb Studios

Spacebomb Studios in Richmond, Virginia, have been home to recording projects for record labels all over the world, including Universal, Domino, Merge, Columbia, and of course Spacebomb Records. Artists like Natalie Prass, Matthew E. White, Julien Baker, Slow Club, The Waterboys, and recordings for projects like the hit podcast S-Town have made Spacebomb Studios their home.

When not being used for a project, the studio is also the headquarters for Spacebomb House Band, who use the space to record and produce.

Spacebomb Studios are at the center of the Spacebomb universe. As well as being the recording home for Spacebomb Records and Spacebomb Productions, the studio is available to rent for your project.

“Spacebomb Studios’ old-school production values and teamwork have made Richmond, Virginia one of the hottest recording locations in the USA.”
– Sound on Sound

“Spacebomb is… built on an old-fashioned concept that is at once creatively ambitious and economically pragmatic.”
— UNCUT Magazine

“There is something deeply odd about Spacebomb. It’s not just that they have done the one thing that everyone in the music business agrees you shouldn’t do in a world where anyone can make an album in their bedroom: set up a recording studio. It’s that they set up a recording studio along the lines of Stax or Motown.”
— The Guardian Newspaper

Studio Staff

Adrian Olsen: Studio manager and engineer

Trey Pollard: In-house arranger, producer, and engineer

Matthew E. White: In-house producer

Pinson Chanselle: House Band percussion

Cameron Ralston: House Band bass

Jesse Medaries: Bookings and scheduling

We also have a rotating cast of part-time engineers and technicians who we call for specific projects.


Can I hire some or all of the Spacebomb House Band, or Spacebomb producers?
Yes. We’re always open to talking to anyone who wants to make great music.

Do I have to use the Spacebomb House band or Spacebomb producers?
No. Spacebomb Studios is just a great place to record in its own right.

Does recording at Spacebomb Studios mean my music will be released by Spacebomb Records?
No. The record label is separate and has its own A&R process. But the label offices are in the same building as the studio and we’re always happy to be first to hear what’s being recorded down the hallway.

Do you do recording by the hour or the day?
We tend to work in half-day and day sessions, but for vocal and voice-over work we’re happy to discuss shorter time periods.

How do I book?
Email us at and someone will be happy to help you out.



Located on Robinson Street in the Fan District of Richmond, VA

Email for pricing and availability

Photo credit: Tony Forgey