Spacebomb is a process, a sound, and a spirit. We channel visions, interpret dreams and listen to the infinite, chasing – to borrow a phrase from Mr. Ayler’s playbook – The Healing Force of The Universe, into the studio, onto the road, through our fingers, into circuits, tubes and knobs and out the other side, back into the air.

We are a record label shaped around traditional models and time-honored ways. We are a house band, a unified crew of arrangers and musicians, artists, scribes, vibe-gardeners and business people who feel it takes a village to produce a record. Only our village can make our records sound like they do. With experimentation, courage, and love, we bring our craft to the studio and make a noise that is the choir of our imagination. Spacebomb makes regional music, folk music, modern music — music brought to your ears by Richmond, Virginia.

With each release, we are honored to bring you a small piece of this community and to continue and tell our story through a growing collage of music. This is our calling and our business and we’re so grateful for your support. There are mountains of music to listen to and for a few minutes you have chosen to pay attention to us. Thank you.

Spacebomb Records is operated in Richmond, Virginia.