Howard Ivans
"Red Face Boy"

Spacebomb channels visions, interprets dreams and listens to the infinite, chasing–to borrow a phrase from Mr. Ayler’s playbook–”The Healing Force of The Universe”, into the studio, onto the road, through our fingers, into circuits, tubes and knobs and out the other side, back into the air. Drawing life from the indescribable shapes of sound that move around us every day is our calling and our business and we’re so grateful for your support. There are mountains of music to listen to and for a few minutes you have chosen to rest with us. Thank you.

In May of 2012, a man called Howard Ivans stopped by our attic studio to record two tracks. What followed has been etched onto this piece of round plastic–SB003–and our hearts forever. Yeah, it’s grand, melancholy, grooving and true. Chromatic-eyed soul. These two songs, a one-off session, encompass a fully realized world of sound. Bedroom music and party music, work music and dance music, music for the wedding and the honeymoon, for swimming through the shadowed city streets at night.

Hear the attic move and shake like a well-oiled machine, making records the Spacebomb way. A perfect match for Ivans’ vision, for the man who made a song-by-song cover album of Sade’s “Love Deluxe”, channeling all his love for the history of satin-lined R&B into creating (and crooning) these two remarkably heartfelt songs.


“Magnificent art-funk treasure” — SPIN

“Impressive…A symphonic funkscape worthy of Quincy Jones” — UNCUT

“Slick, upper-midwest funk” — Pitchfork

Pick of the Week — The Guardian

“Ivans lets loose with the kind of blue-eyed croon that would impress Hall & Oates” — Wondering Sound

“Wonderful 7” gem…fiendishly brilliant…by God it’s good!” (9.0, Money Shot) — DJ Magazine

“Sexy, string-laden soul” — Brooklyn Vegan

“Insanely catchy” — Speakers in Code



A. "Red Face Boy"
B. "Pillows"

33rpm 7" Vinyl
Shipping November 19, 2013

1000 hand-numbered, hand-stamped copies assembled by Spacebomb in Richmond, VA.


A. Red Face Boy 5:24
Howard Ivans
with Trey Pollard on guitar and Daniel Clarke on Wurlitzer, Fun Machine, Chamberlin and Synthesizer

B. Pillows 4:52
with Daniel Clarke on Wurlitzer, Fun Machine, Chamberlin and Synthesizer

The Spacebomb House Band
Cameron Ralston, bass
Pinson Chanselle, drums
Matthew E. White,  guitar

The Spacebomb Horns
Bob Miller, trumpet
Rob Quallich, trumpet
Marcus Tenney, trumpet
Bryan Hooten, trombone
Reginald Pace, trombone

The Spacebomb Strings
Faith Hofma, violin
Melissa Sunderland Jones, violin
Evan Setzer, cello
Stephanie Barrett, cello

Horn Arrangements by Matthew E. White
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Trey Pollard

A Spacebomb Production

Mixed by Stewart Myers
Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio
Engineered by Trey Pollard at Spacebomb Studios and Songwire Studios

Photography by Ryan Patterson
Design by Joel Speasmaker and Travis Robertson