Angelica Garcia – “Karma The Knife”

Unflinching new Latinx artist Angelica Garcia has just announced her debut London show at The Lexington for 24th October 2019, as well as unveiling the striking visuals for the recently released track “Karma The Knife.” Punching through with psychedelic animated visuals alongside Angelica’s primary colour electro-pop, the video is yet another bold step forward for this tantalizing new talent.

Tickets for The Lexington are on sale now.

Angelica describes “Karma The Knife”:

It’s about knowing the difference between human error and malintent, and how everything we do in life comes back around to haunt us. My friend Nate Griffith and I made this video at this house using a green screen. We both have a love for the absurd, and aspired to make something fun and kooky like the song.

Angelica Garcia – “It Don’t Hinder Me” & “Karma The Knife”
DIG | 07.10.2019

August 8, 2019

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