Spacebomb House Band – VIII: Large Bills Makin’ Change

Spacebomb House Band – VIII: Large Bills Makin’ Change (SB041)
DIG | 03.13.2020

1. Young Bird
2. Chspk
3. Mountain Time Zone
4. Pearls
5. Prtsmth
6. Blame Thrower
7. Jupiter
8. Dumb Money
9. here, please
10. Sfflk
11. Sargasso Suite: life within life
12. Sargasso Suite: light within death
13. Sargasso Suite: light within light
14. Sargasso Suite: life within death
15. Hmptn
16. Taipan
17. With The Dead In A Dead Language

Pinson Chanselle – drums, drum machine programming, tingklik, synth bass
Trey Pollard – sitar, electric guitar, acoustic 12 String guitar, synthesizer, effects
Cameron Ralston – bass, synth bass, synthesizers, chance operations, effects
Matthew E. White – electric guitar, drum machine programming
Craig Taylor, Taylor Barnett & Marcus Tenney – flugelhorns, trumpets
Bryan Hooten, Nathaniel Lee, Ben Weisiger – trombones
Rachel Velvikis & Stephen Slater – French horns
Stephanie Ycaza – tuba
JC Kuhl – tenor sax, baritone sax
Ellen Riccio, Adrian Pintea, Treesa Gold, Anna Bishop, Kris Miller, Alison Hall – violins
Fitz Gary, Megan Gray – violas
Jason McComb – cello
Taylor Burton – banjo on here, please

Recorded by Adrian Olsen at Spacebomb Studios
Mixed by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording
Mastered by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording
Produced by Pinson Chanselle, Trey Pollard, Cameron Ralston, and Matthew E. White
Executive Producer – Cameron Ralston

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