Georgie – “Company of Thieves”

From the East Midlands of England, to mideast America, Spacebomb is excited to welcome Georgie to the family with her debut single “Company of Thieves,” produced by Matthew E. White and mixed by Dan Carey (Sia, Bats For Lashes). Georgie is a fresh singer with plenty of business to take care of and a classic sensibility that belies her 21 years. This new track rides along a fuzzed out ‘60s guitar motif, a few Sly Stone “There’s A Riot”-era production touches create a moody atmosphere for perfectly poised lyrics. Georgie’s voice is an instant pleasure, cutting and sweet, searching and powerful. And all the hallmarks of the Spacebomb sound are here: warm, sinuous bass lines and rhythms, the right pacing and Trey Pollard’s skillful arrangements in all the right places. The result is a well-built, living song, suitable for modern times.

Each interaction between Spacebomb’s house band and an artist is a kind of poetic exploration, a relationship and dialogue steered by White’s knack for production and respect for the recording process. “Company of Thieves” is a hungry rock and roll beast of a track that shakes Spacebomb right down to its foundations, vibrating its organs and trembling its timpani. The old interplay between American and UK music traditions provides context for Georgie’s easy and heartfelt connection to the Spacebomb ethos: “It was a special moment that made me fall in love with making music even more, which I thought was impossible.” Next year she will return to Richmond to finish her debut album.

See Georgie on tour this autumn in the UK with Jake Bugg and Blossoms.

Watch the video for “Company of Thieves” at Stereogum

Georgie – Company of Thieves

Georgie – Company of Thieves (SB007)
Digital release | 10.07.2016
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October 7, 2016

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