Jackie Cohen breaks down her new album in Zagg Chats

In Zagg Chats, Jackie Cohen invites us into her world and gives a glimpse into the recording process of her new album, Zagg, which comes out this week. Hear her dissect the songwriting of “Get Out” in volume 1, describe a standoff with a motorist during the filming of the “Chico Chico” video in volume 2, and plenty more fascinating nuggets in videos to come.

Zagg is out tomorrow on runny yolk yellow vinyl, which comes with a Zagg enamel pin and sticker sheet, or on black vinyl and CD.

“a mainline plug into her unbroken inner monologue. These are songs that swoon and sway and sweep and jive, even if the messages are of anxiety, heartbreak and dark morbidity.”
Loud And Quiet

Jackie Cohen – Zagg (SB027)
LP/CD/DIG | 05.10.2019

May 9, 2019

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