Jackie Cohen’s debut album ‘Zagg,’ out now

Today, Jackie Cohen unveils her debut album, Zagg. Zagg is the follow-up to her two introductory EPs released last year, Tacoma Night Terror Parts 1 & 2, which were called “utterly spellbinding” (The Line of Best Fit), “a stunning and complete debut” (Vinyl Me, Please), and “sleazy-listening glam” (The Guardian). The playing on Zagg – by Cohen with the Spacebomb House Band – and production – by Jonathan Rado (Foxygen) and Matthew E. White with freak-of-nature orchestral arrangements by Trey Pollard – is bright and beautiful across the whole grab-bag of love songs, laments, self-mortifications, meditations on sunscreen, hammer-anvil jams, and kit v. kit double drum cardio smash-bros looney tunes suicide pursuits.

More than one of Jackie’s many nicknames, “Zagg” is also a shout out to her uncanny ability to select an unanticipated word or musical flourish, her disarming poetic acumen, her ability to zoom in and out at lightning speed and spin a phrase into a mantra, or the opposite of a mantra. Each song on this record is its own unique little world, keeping a listener delightfully off-kilter throughout the entire affair. Here’s the record. Listen hard. Read the signs. Pack a lunch. Enjoy.

“a mainline plug into her unbroken inner monologue. These are songs that swoon and sway and sweep and jive, even if the messages are of anxiety, heartbreak and dark morbidity.” – Loud And Quiet

“bright, wonky and whimsical” – Too Many Blogs

“With her blend of dark lyrics and spell-binding vocals, Cohen’s music makes for an immersive listening experience” – Far Out Magazine

“playful… lively… spirited – The Line of Best Fit

Jackie Cohen – Zagg (SB027)
LP/CD/DIG | 05.10.2019

May 10, 2019

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