Natalie Prass – The Future and The Past

Natalie Prass has released her new album The Future And The Past on ATO Records today. A Spacebomb Production produced by Matthew E. White and including performances by the Spacebomb House Band, The Future And The Past has already received critical acclaim from publications like…

The Guardian:

the Spacebomb house band turn out to be as irresistibly adept at conjuring up slick, synthy funk as they were at imagining a mythic past in which Harry Nilsson signed to Hi Records.


the [Spacebomb] crew once again deftly evoke the past without ever inhabiting it, creating a record that, while conceivably could exist in any moment in time, still feels modern.


She’s still working with Matthew E. White, who produced the self-titled album and who’s an expert at layering mellow sounds in funky ways.


White and [Trey] Pollard remain on board – the latter, once again, contributing magnificent string arrangements.

June 1, 2018

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