Resound – “I Will Always Love You”

Today, on what would have been Whitney Houston’s 55th birthday, Resound release their a cappella take on “I Will Always Love You.” A seemingly effortless exploration of unison and harmony and a fresh take on an absolute classic song, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in that distinct Resound way.

“To sing a fresh version of ‘I Will Always Love You’ is, to put it bluntly, an almost impossible task,” producer Matthew E. White says. “A song made famous twice by two of America’s greatest female icons, it has topped the charts four times in four different decades. Cutting across time, genres, and cultures, it is as ubiquitous a song as the first century of recorded music has given.”

White continues:

“That said, Resound being Resound, I’m not sure they had any of this in mind when they decided to sing it. They are, seemingly without knowing it, one of the most stunning a cappella trios of our time. Their casualness (millions of YouTube views of Resound, filmed by an iPhone, sitting on their couch, knocking out one a cappella arrangement after another are a revelation) is a thin disguise for their effortlessness and, as in all crafts, it is this pure effortlessness that captures the imagination most. Despite the looming shadow of a song that is a pure definition of Popular music, Resound manages – quite easily – to outpace its shade. They have taken something we all know inside and out and have found a new side of its shape.”

Resound say about the song and their interpretation of it:

“We’ve always been huge Whitney fans. The way that she captured so much musicality and emotion in this one song has made it timeless. It felt like a no brainer for us to try to recapture that same feeling in our own way. We hope that it moves others just like it moved us years ago.”

Resound – “I Will Always Love You” (SB009)
DIG | 08.09.2018

August 9, 2018

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