Spacebomb House Band – II: Temple of Engine Room


Spacebomb House Band – Library Music II: Temple of Engine Room (SB016)
TAPE/DIG | 06.22.2018

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Side A

01. Darryl Dawkins
02. G Energy
03. Calypso
04. Port Of Fino
05. Phlegmatic
06. Fang
07. No More Brutality
08. White Cheddar Reprise
09. Tiny Wren
10. Baby Baby

Side B

11. Bushmaster
12. Pineapple
13. Charadrius Vociferus
14. Kiting
15. Looking For An Exit
16. Fever Dreams
17. Trust Your Commotions
18. I’m A Whisper
19. Smoke

Available digitally and on cassette


Pinson Chanselle – drum set, assorted percussion, drum machine, drum machine programming, synthesizer, string arrangements, vocal arrangements

Cameron Ralston – double bass, electric bass guitar, synth bass, synthesizer, drum machine, string arrangements, vocal arrangements, shouts

Trey Pollard – piano, synthesizer, farfisa, string arrangements

Matthew E. White – drum machine programming, synthesizer, synthesizer programming, electric guitar, string arrangements, vocal arrangements

Additional piano and keyboards played by Daniel Clarke
Additional guitars played by Alan Parker
Prime Time improvisation on “Fang” performed by Adrian Olsen

Joseph Clarke – vocals

Ellen Cockerham Riccio – violin
Adrian Pintea – violin
Molly Sharp – viola
Schuyler Slack – cello

Strings conducted by Trey Pollard

Engineered by Adrian Olsen
Additional Engineering by Cameron Ralston and Pinson Chanselle
Recorded at Spacebomb Studios
Vocals recorded at Montrose Recording
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording

Executive Producer – Cameron Ralston

Produced by Pinson Chanselle, Trey Pollard, Cameron Ralston, Matthew E. White
All songs written by Pinson Chanselle, Trey Pollard, Cameron Ralston, Matthew E. White
Art Direction and Design by Travis Robertson

©&℗ 2018 Spacebomb Records. All Rights Reserved.

June 22, 2018

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