Spacebomb House Band – III: For the Sun and Waters

Spacebomb House Band – Library Music III: For the Sun and Waters (SB020)
TAPE/DIG | 10.19.2018

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Side A

01. Tempest Exp 2 (Jackie the Club)
02. Weevils
03. What Time Is It?
04. One Line
05. Get Lost
06. Tempest Exp 1 (Chuck Yeager)
07. Oregon
08. Tin Lid
09. A String Quartet
10. Pinky

Side B

11. Celtics
12. Moses Malone
13. Aveline
14. Rose Gold
15. Tuesday Week
16. Peonies
17. Clippers
18. I’m Curious About The Temple
19. Tempest Exp 3 (Virginia Slims)
20. Winsome Cage

Available digitally and on cassette


Matthew E. White: Drum machine programming, synthesizer programming, tempest bass, synthesizer noise

Trey Pollard: Guitars, synthesizers, piano, string arrangements, timpani, farfisa

Cameron Ralston: Electric bass guitar, double bass, bass synth, synthesizer, synthesizer programming, drum machine programming, electric guitar, piano, horn arrangements, vocal arrangements

Pinson Chanselle: Drumset, Drum machine, percussion, piano, synthesizer, electric bass, horn arrangements, vocal arrangements

JC Kuhl: Clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Angelica Garcia: Vocals
Jacob Ungerleider: Synthesizer, rhodes, additional keyboards
Jesse Medaries: Screams
Additional keyboards by Daniel Clarke

Ellen Cockerham Riccio
Anna Bishop
Adrian Pintea

Molly Sharp
Tom Stevens

Schuyler Slack
Evan Setzer

Engineered by Adrian Olsen
Additional Engineering by Pinson Chanselle, Cameron Ralston, Trey Pollard, and Matthew E. White
Recorded at Spacebomb Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Olsen at Montrose Recording

Executive Producer, Pinson Chanselle

Produced by Pinson Chanselle, Trey Pollard, Cameron Ralston, Matthew E. White
All Songs written by Pinson Chanselle, Trey Pollard, Cameron Ralston, Matthew E. White
Art Direction and Design by Travis Robertson

©&℗ 2018 Spacebomb Records. All Rights Reserved.

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