Sleepwalkers’ new album ‘Ages,’ out now

Today, Sleepwalkers release their new album, Ages. Ages is a bona fide party record that is able to convey a mood of bittersweet elation through a series of well-aimed emotional arcs. The follow-up to their ‘60s fanstasia, cult-favorite debut, Greenwood Shade (2014), it’s a maximalist pop masterpiece that feels equally effortless, backed by the band’s facility with the structures and language of pop music.

A pop record at its core, Ages wouldn’t be complete without fuzzed-out melodies and lush instrumentation that allows for plenty of repeat listens without ever failing to capture the listener’s attention. – RVA Magazine

Sleepwalkers’s music is a guaranteed prescription for joyful hope – Blurred Culture

tunes unfold like a birthday card, splashes of effervescent sentiment, bright-colored reverence and warm supportive details – Maximum Ink

fun, addictive and upfront. This is quite the introduction – Podcart

lovable – Last Day Deaf

In short, it’s music that makes me like music more. – You Hear That

a fine and refreshing blend of old-school melodies and contemporary touches creating something amazing – Wolf In A Suit

Sleepwalkers on tour

Jul. 20 – Philadelphia PA – Boot & Saddle
Jul. 21 – Brooklyn NY – Rough Trade
Jul. 23 – Allston MA – Great Scott
Jul. 24 – Washington DC – DC9
Aug. 1 – Raleigh NC – Neptune’s Parlour
Aug. 2 – Asheville NC – The Mothlight
Aug. 3 – Lexington KY – The Burl
Aug. 4 – Nashville TN – High Watt

Sleepwalkers – Ages (SB018)
LP/CD/DIG | 07.19.2019

July 19, 2019

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