A Spacebomb Revue in London: A Look Back

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At the Spacebomb Revue in London earlier this month, we invited artists from across the United States, UK, and France to take part in a grand scale performance with the Spacebomb House Band complete with strings, horns, and singers. Helming the ship on stage and off – alongside the host of the evening, Matthew E. White – was music director and Spacebomb’s in-house producer and arranger Trey Pollard.

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Trey Pollard on his experience at the Revue:

Getting to share the stage with all these artists that we’ve worked with over the last few years, revisiting the music and in most cases performing the songs in a way that had never been done live, was very special. Seeing everyone come together and put on a show for the audience and ourselves, it felt like we were finishing a chapter of the Spacebomb Story.

 Spacebomb House Band’s Pinson Chanselle (drums) and Cameron Ralston (bass) rehearse on the day before the show

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Trey Pollard, Pinson Chanselle, and Matthew E. White tape sheet music parts together in the hotel lobby

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Cocoon performs his duet with Natalie Prass, “Retreat”

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Bedouine stuns the audience with her song “Solitary Daughter”

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Foxygen’s Sam France and Jackie Rado

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Charlie Fink leaves the stage after performing two songs from his latest album, Cover My Tracks

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The Spacebomb House Band takes a bow: Pinson Chanselle, Cameron Ralston, Alan Parker, Matthew E. White, and Trey Pollard

Relive the Revue with this Spotify playlist of all of the songs performed there:

Read more about the visuals of the Revue

photos by Nick Helderman

October 23, 2017

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