A Spacebomb Revue in London: The Visuals

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On October 6th, Spacebomb took over London’s Barbican Hall for the first Spacebomb Revue in London. The show featured over a dozen artists with whom we’ve worked over the past year, backed by the Spacebomb House Band and hosted by Matthew E. White. Thank you to everyone there who decided to spend their Friday evening with us, to those who traveled from afar, to the featured artists who flew in from around the world, and to the Barbican staff. We’re truly humbled to have had the opportunity to present this music to you, and to share with you a glimpse into our work and our lives.

We gave our art director, Travis Robertson, one task: Bring the audience into our world and make them want to visit Richmond, Virginia. Travis on creating the visuals for the Revue:

The overall concept for the Revue backgrounds were to create a serene backdrop that wouldn’t overpower or distract from the musical performance. Enhancing the stage with beautiful Richmond, Virginia scenery helped convey the Spacebomb story to our London audience.

Each video started with a 3-5 minute still shot that was shortened and looped or boomeranged depending on the motion captured in the clip. The Spacebomb logo was added to each video, never in the same spot, and maybe not immediately noticed, but it’s there.

Spacebomb BG 001 gif R1

I personally spend as much time as I can at Pony Pasture, part of the James River park system. This vantage point of the river that flows through our city has offered many a moment of quiet self reflection. Setlist: Sweet Bunch by Andy Jenkins, and Poor the War Away by Karl Blau

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City Skyline from Rocketts Landing. During the Revue, the little boat coasted back in to dock right as Rebecca finished singing. It was a really nice unplanned moment. Setlist: In Waves by Slow Club

Explore the rest of the background videos and learn more about where each one was captured:


Travis Robertson, director
Tyger Belton, cinematographer
Leigh Hagan, editor

photos by Nick Helderman

October 17, 2017

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