"Trey Pollard"

Trey Pollard & Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro) – Antiphone Remixes

Antiphone (Roberto Carlos Lange Remixes) by Trey Pollard, Roberto Carlos Lange Looking through a microscope is like opening a door. Depending on what you find, it can be frightening or comforting. It can affirm truths that you expected to find, or it can surprise you by revealing unanticipated shapes, colors, and movements. When Trey Pollard […]

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Trey Pollard – “Fixed Ideas: I” (Video)

In November, Spacebomb’s in-house arranger and house band member Trey Pollard released his debut as a composer in his own right, Antiphone. Comprised of a set of preludes and fugues for string quintet and two pieces for chamber string orchestra and piano – entitled Fixed Ideas: I and II, which bookend the album – Antiphone was lauded by […]

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March 21, 2019

Trey Pollard releases commentary version of new album ‘Antiphone’

Trey Pollard talks you through his new album Antiphone with this newly released track-by-track commentary. Pollard discusses his thought process, the systematic framework he adopted while writing, and some of the techniques used to make this stunning debut of contemporary chamber pieces. Listen to Antiphone with Trey Pollard’s commentary Trey Pollard – Antiphone (SB019) LP/CD/DIG/SHEET MUSIC | 11.16.2018 COMMENTARY […]

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December 14, 2018

The debut album from Trey Pollard, out now

In-house arranger for Spacebomb, Trey Pollard, makes his debut as a composer in his own right on Antiphone. Antiphone is an album of chamber pieces under his own name featuring a set of preludes and fugues for string quintet and pieces for chamber string orchestra and piano. Pollard’s work has been a vital component of productions by a growing […]

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November 16, 2018

Trey Pollard – “8 Pairs: Fugue VIII. March”

Trey Pollard‘s forthcoming album Antiphone is made up of eight pairs of preludes and fugues, plus the two-part piece “Fixed Ideas.” Pollard has already shared the first part of “Fixed Ideas” and one fugue from the eight pairs, “Fugue VI. Very Slowly,” and today he returns with “Fugue VIII. March.” Produced by Matthew E. White, Antiphone will be released […]

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October 19, 2018