Watch: Matthew E. White’s Human Style

Throughout a busy year of 120+ performances around the world and countless interviews for radio and magazines, Matthew E. White has often referred to what we call the Spacebomb Process. It’s part of what makes a Spacebomb Production special, and now the new video for White’s “Human Style” begins to capture it. Filmed mostly in the Spacebomb attic in Richmond by Michael Taliaferro and Tony Forgey, we see all of the instrument groups that make up the family in action: the house band of Cameron Ralston and Pinson Chanselle, strings, choir, horns, and more. Watch the video and stay tuned for another Spacebomb Production very soon.

Outer Face EP and Big Inner: Outer Face Edition are both available now on Domino.

Director: Tony Forgey
Edited by: Tony Forgey
Photography by: Tony Forgey and Michael Taliaferro

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December 16, 2013

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