Your Week in Spacebomb – July 3, 2020

Out today, A Little Bit at a Time: Spacebomb Family Rarities is a celebration of our artists and a collage of what Spacebomb has become since its inception in 2011. It’s a time capsule in which artists from across Spacebomb’s label, management, publishing, and production divisions are all featured, artists like Matthew E. White, Laura Veirs, Pure Bathing Culture, Tim Heidecker, the Spacebomb House Band. Read more about A Little Bit at a Time.

All proceeds from Bandcamp sales of the album and tracks will be passed along to the artists. LISTEN


It is natural, and has been the case, that Spacebomb is often covered exclusively as a record label. But since the beginning, Spacebomb has offered support to artists in a diverse range of ways. “We are, of course, a label, and are proud of that work,” founder Matthew E. White says. “But we also work with artists as a publisher, as management partners, as a production destination, and as a studio. It is our intention in this compilation to highlight all of those relationships, as that is a much more holistic way to take this family portrait.”

Spacebomb is a record label dedicated to unrelenting taste. We have been known to make our records in-house, but we support tremendous artists from every house.

Spacebomb is a team of experienced managers who frown on that industry-standard title for their job. Better phrased, we are a team of advocates, supporters, and a think tank for a wide variety of musical careers. We work very hard at finding, cultivating, and connecting the dots.

Spacebomb is a family of musicians and a studio in Richmond, Virginia, who would bet on themselves against anyone on the planet. We are flexible and excitable and prefer to be working on your music more than almost anything else.

Spacebomb is a publishing company representing the finest songwriters, dedicated to finding the perfect placement, the right collaborator, and the respect of the craft.

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July 3, 2020

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