Trey Pollard – “8 Pairs: Fugue VI. Very Slowly” – ‘Antiphone’ out Nov. 16

Today, Trey Pollard announces that his debut album Antiphone will be out November 16 and releases the first track, “8 Pairs: Fugue VI. Very Slowly.” “This is the pretty one,” says Pollard about “Fugue VI.” “You can only control some aspects of a work’s character; the form and maybe the initial melodic and harmonic content. But eventually it reveals itself and you just submit and help it become what it wants to be. In this case, it wanted to be pretty.”

Producer Matthew E. White says:

“Trey Pollard’s art is inviting, challenging, tough, graceful, easy, and stubborn. It is art that can reveal, and art that can obscure. It is music too, and music can be for many things, but this is, certainly, music for listening.”

Antiphone features a set of preludes and fugues for string quintet (“8 Pairs”) and pieces for chamber string orchestra and piano (“Fixed Ideas”).

Catch Trey Pollard live with a string quintet, performing pieces from Antiphone:

Nov 13 – Richmond VA – The Hofheimer (Classical Revolution)
Nov 15 – Brooklyn NY – Rough Trade NYC (In-store performance)

Trey Pollard – Antiphone (SB019)
LP/CD/DIG/SHEET MUSIC | 11.16.2018

September 24, 2018

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